Neave Lawn Care

Neave Lawn Care is an American made, family owned and operated business that has been faithfully serving the New York and Connecticut areas since 1973. We are a division of Neave Group Outdoor Solutions and can offer you the highest quality lawn care services in the industry. It is our pleasure to provide our clients with the highest rated customer service.

Our holistic approach to lawn care maintenance means that we consider each and every factor that could affect your own, unique circumstances. We’ll analyze the soil, study weather patterns and even examine the amount of sunlight certain problem areas of your property are receiving so that we can understand the total picture. By doing so we can attack problems at their source instead of constantly treating the symptoms.

We’ve combined over forty years of experience with the highest level of training you can receive in the industry to ensure that we offer the most prepared and professional staff in your area. Neave Lawn Care offers several services for your turf and lawn which include:

You’re relationship with Neave Lawn Care begins with a free lawn care analysis that allows us the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with your property. It also gives you the chance to get to know us better. Our friendly and helpful Neave Lawn Care specialists will conduct a survey of your property and begin to assess the lawn care services you need. We are a company that is heavily invested in plant health care, but we also understand that you have a certain landscape aesthetic to maintain as well. Don’t worry, at Neave Lawn Care we make sure that every part of your organic outdoor space is pristine in health and in beauty.

Neave Lawn Care is one of the highest rated lawn care services in the New York and Connecticut areas. Contact us today to schedule your free site analysis and discover the difference it makes to work with the very best at Neave Lawn Care!

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